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Evaporated Cane Juice + Unrefined Powdered Sugar

sugarcane-1Sugar, sugar, do do do do do dooo…

You know you love Archie comics.

Well, I know I do.

Speaking of sweet things, here’s another sweetener option that, like turbinado sugar, is also made from the sugar cane – evaporated cane juice. 

Well, to be totally accurate, turbinado sugar is a type of evaporated cane juice – it’s made through evaporation after all!  Its distinct large, bronze crystals have just earned it a special name. 

There are actually a number of different types of evaporated cane juice – Sucanat, Rapadura, Demerara, milled cane, ahhhh!  It can make picking one out kind of confusing.  Let me share what I’ve learned after many grocery trips and package comparisons and internet searches…

All evaporated cane juice is produced from freshly cut sugar cane that has been pressed to extract its juice. And all evaporated cane juice is created when that juice is boiled off to leave behind sweet sugar goodness.  The biggest difference between the different types is how much sugar cane molasses they contain.  The more molasses, the less the cane juice was processed.  You can generally figure this out by how dark – molasses-filled! – or light – not-as-molasses-filled – the sugar is.

But wait!  The fun doesn’t stop there!  Evaporated cane juice can also be ground to a super fine powder to create unrefined powdered sugar.  A little cornstarch is added to prevent caking and it’s good to go.

Unrefined powdered sugar has a honey-gold color and a richer flavor than white, refined powdered sugar because it still holds on to some of the sugar cane’s molasses.  It also retains some good vitamins and minerals. 

Check out Wholesome Sweeteners and Billington’s for a selection of evaporated cane juice and unrefined powdered sugar.  In baking, they can be substituted cup for cup for their refined counterpart.

Do you have a favorite type of evaporated cane juice?  


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